Whether you are a property owner or an attorney representing a client in a divorce, bankruptcy or other dispute, our understanding of property valuation and how the courts make decisions will assist you with the best possible result in your case. At the law office of Blau & Blau, we have more than fifty years of experience litigating cases involved with the valuation of real estate.

The value of the real estate is often the most important issue in divorces, bankruptcy proceedings and business and estate disputes. The vast majority of our valuation cases are settled. However, we try many cases to conclusion when that is necessary to achieve our clients’ best interests. In addition, we have found being prepared to try our case results in settlements more favorable to our clients.

We work with lawyers on valuation issues whose clients own commercial and residential properties including multi-tenant office buildings, office parks, shopping centers, retail properties, apartment buildings and manufacturing facilities, vacant land and special purpose properties.

Regardless of the context in which your property valuation issue arises, we evaluate and handle it with a thorough knowledge of the legal and valuation principles that relate to the particular facts.

If you are an attorney, we stand ready to help strengthen your case and provide strategic counsel to ensure that the court is convinced that the valuation testimony is credible. We also can assist you with cross-examination, what to ask for in discovery, the review of experts’ drafts and guidance in helping you focus on what the key issue is in the case.

Freeing Up the Family Law Attorney

If you are a family law attorney, we can strengthen your case and help you destroy your adversary’s position. We also have the ability to uncover properties your adversary has an interest in and that were unknown to you and your client. We work tirelessly to ensure that the Court has the evidence to show your client’s property in the best possible light.

Engineering the Best Results in Bankruptcy 

If you are an attorney handling a bankruptcy, we will not only evaluate an appraisal on its face, but also how the history of appraisals on the same property may impact credibility in court. Instability in commercial real estate markets over the last few years have made it harder for bankruptcy lawyers and their clients to rely with confidence on appraisals they get. Whether your client is a creditor or debtor, our understanding of the markets and our knowledge of valuation law can help you achieve a desired outcome.

With hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars at stake, you want a firm with experience in valuation litigation to help you achieve your client’s desired result. You’ll know you’ve found that firm with a call to Blau & Blau right now.