Property valuation attorneys helping clients lower their property taxes and increase the government’s award in eminent domain proceedings.

Blau & Blau lawyers seek more “just compensation” when your property is condemned for eminent domain. When the government declares eminent domain (condemnation) and takes your property for public use, the government is obligated to pay you “just compensation” but is it truly just?

We seek the maximum you deserve. The compensation Blau & Blau seeks on your behalf includes the value of the property taken, as well as severance damages to any remainder property. Deciding on Blau & Blau to represent your interests will help ensure that the government meets its obligation. We are experienced in: pre-condemnation planning, valuation, negotiations, and trial.
See examples of our property owner compensation gains.

How we work with you. Early in a case, Blau & Blau attorneys call upon a wide variety of eminent domain and real estate valuation experience to analyze the relevant issues. Most importantly, we get results. We enthusiastically pursue your interests throughout the proceedings to achieve the results you are looking for.

Our “no risk” option. With our optional “no risk” contingency fee for property owners, no fees are owed unless we obtain more than the government´s initial offer. In other words, we only get paid if we get you results.

You have every right to be sad and mad – and fairly compensated. Don´t let anger blind you into trying to prevent the government from taking your property. This can be a long and extremely costly court battle that is rarely won. Instead, let Blau & Blau show you the most rewarding path to take to maximize your compensation.

Call the lawyers at Blau & Blau at (973) 564-9003 for a free telephone consultation. We will ask questions regarding your property that will assist us in determining the approximate value.

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