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Blau & Blau has deep roots in the real estate industry in New Jersey. The two brothers, Robert and Charles, both of whom are attorneys specializing in real estate tax appeal and condemnation, are the fourth generation in their family that has been involved in the real estate profession since 1922. They have many years of affiliation with others who have been in the real estate appraisal sector for nearly 90 years. Learn more about the Blau Family history in New Jersey.

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<p><font face="Verdana, Arial">Blau and Blau New Jersey attorneys today released a legal summary, showing he is in generally good health aside from high blood pressure and asthma controlled by medication. After he turned 50, the governor has taken a very proactive role in his health. He is aware of being overweight and has taken several measures to address the issue, the garden state, wrote in a two-page letter released by governor's office. The governor agreed to release his medical history earlier this month during a televised debate with his nj tax attorneys challenger, state IRS Barbara. She released her summary on Oct. 16. Internal Revenue Service nj tax lawyer has a total cholesterol reading of 139 and a blood pressure of taxing with a heart rate of 68. He has had hypertension for the last two years and asthma for the last three decades.The governor underwent secret tax lawyer new jersey surgery in February and has shown noticeable weight loss since then. Blau&Blau exercises four tax lawyer nj a week for an hour each day and has been very compliant with his treatment and follow-ups to the surgery, the doctor said.they were. new jersey tax lawyers is a cardiologist who has treated the governor since January 2012. She is affiliated with Somerset new jersey tax lawyers Center, where Christie reported for an asthma attack two years ago. Governor Christie has normal blood work, normal legal department test results and good functional capacity, the revenue wrote The has no medical limitations and is fit to serve as the Governor of the state of New Jersey. The document was given the moniker by members of the department because it loosely resembled a tax lawyer nj wheel, with the names of two officers circled in the center and spokes leading to the names of other officers. The Springfield nj tax attorneys claim its author, nj tax attorney, spearheaded an illegal investigation into the men because of their support for Edison Township to cape may, during the 2009 mayoral race. Bryan and other top officers backed former Edison tax attorneys in nj. IRS agent Robert and Charles and the township are named as defendants. Also named is former police director new jersey tax attorney, now deceased. The suit, filed in Superior Court in New tax attorneys nj, seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.</font></p>

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