Property valuation attorneys helping clients lower their property taxes and increase the government’s award in eminent domain proceedings.
As a commercial property owner who believes that the government is unfairly valuing your property,
                                   you should look to the team of Robert Blau and Charles Blau. We bring unique insight to
property valuation cases in these two key areas of New Jersey law: 

We have a unique resource. Within Blau & Blau is our own in house real estate consulting group, Blau Appraisal Company and Blau Real Estate, which include real estate appraisers and a real estate broker. Their insight works to your benefit.

We have a specialized database. Our large computerized database of comparable sales and leases has helped us find the most comparable properties for thousands of property owners like you. We use a team approach, with members from within our law firm as well as outside consultants.

We’re known for real estate valuation. Blau & Blau has been involved in the valuation of real estate for 20+ years. We have specialized our practice around the valuation of real estate. Robert Blau and Charles Blau have been featured on CNN and in the New Jersey Law Journal, the Star Ledger, and other publications.

Now we can serve you out-of-state. If you have a property out of state with tax implications, tell us about it so we can determine if those taxes can be reduced as well.

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